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As boiler wholesalers, we understand the heating demands of your residential or commercial clientele. To meet their varying needs, we supply top-of-the-line boilers from manufacturers you trust.

Boiler Solutions

During the coldest months of the year, our boiler solutions are designed to provide exceptional comfort while keeping energy costs low. Whether you require a wall-mounted unit or a floor-standing heating system, we have the heating system you need.

Our boilers are known for their durability and require less maintenance than other heating systems. In addition, they can be powered by a variety of fuel sources, and many models include advanced features out of the box, making them an excellent choice for any home or building.

Your Boiler Resource

At DigelAir, we help our valued customers make the best decisions for their HVAC business. If you are a contractor or engineer looking for information about a specific product or boiler installation, contact our in-house HVAC experts; they’re always available to answer questions, offer recommendations and share best practices.

Partner With Diegel Air

When you work with Digel Air as your distributor, you have access to a wide range of HVAC equipment, parts, tools and supplies, plus endless resources like training opportunities and technical documentation.

Drop by our Ottawa location or open an account online today. We can’t wait to work with you!

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