Thermo 2000 bth ULTRA Electric Boiler

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For all your heating needs, whether it’s a condominium, a single-family home, or a commercial building, the bth ULTRA electric boilers stand as your go-to solution. These boilers are a paradigm of quiet efficiency and compactness, available across a wide spectrum of performance capacities, ranging from 7kW to 36kW, and adaptable to various voltage requirements. Their adaptability is truly remarkable!

The bth ULTRA boilers also offer the ingenious ability to seamlessly integrate with an auxiliary heater, creating a dual-energy system that is not only environmentally conscious but also pristine in its cleanliness.

With the T2 UltraSmartTM controller, these boilers guarantee the utmost comfort by maintaining precise temperature control. Furthermore, each electric boiler boasts a 15-year warranty for the reservoir, and a 2-year warranty for both electrical and mechanical components, instilling confidence in your choice.