IBC SFC 199-1 Combi Boiler

A dual fired combi boiler the SFC provides not only high-efficiency space heating, but unrivaled domestic hot water efficiency too. We call this ‘Double HE’.  The secret lies in our patented two-in-one heat exchanger that ensures optimal heat transfer and minimal heat loss.

Flue gases are condensed with both space heating and domestic hot water production ensuring heat extraction to the fullest extent possible.

The SFC assures you unrivaled high-efficiency and economical operation year in, year out.

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Mount > Connect > Plug In > Enjoy endless heat and hot water
2 independent copper waterways embedded in a cast aluminum block
A total of 5 moving parts – Unparalleled in the industry (Fan, Pump, Bypass Valve, Gas Valve, and Damper)
Illuminated touchscreen control display panel
Factory installed domestic water strainer saves installation time
2” venting up to 65 ft. and 2” vent adapter
Standard pipe size connections
Extended pipe fittings
30-year track record, 2 million installations worldwide
Innovative state of the art electronic control
Compatible with standard Propylene Glycol
Built-in bypass valve to prevent temperature fluctuations (SFC 199-1)
No need for a 3-way valve or secondary DHW plate heat exchanger
Will accept a 0-10 VDC signal
95% AFUE with full ASME-rated heat exchanger
Wireless cascade up to 8 units (SFC 199-1). Multiple domestic and space heating cascade configurations available.
Packaged with a high efficiency variable speed pump (ECM)
Outdoor reset technology increases efficiency by lowering the water temperature automatically
Advanced modulating temperature control

Technical Data

CSA Input (Natural Gas or Propane) – MBH 28.5 – 125
CSA Input (Natural Gas or Propane) – KW 8.4 – 36.6
CSA Output – MBH 27.1 – 111
CSA Output – kW 7.9 – 32.5
DHW – CSA Input (Natural Gas or Propane) – MBH 28.5 – 199
DHW – CSA Input (Natural Gas or Propane) – KW 8.4 – 58.3
A.F.U.E 95%
Min gas pressure (Nat. Gas or Propane) – inch w.c. 4
Max Gas Pressure (Nat. Gas or Propane) – inch w.c. 14
Power (120Vac/60Hz) – Watts @ full fire with internal pump 120
Weight (empty) – lbs/Kg 84 / 38
Pressure vessel water content – USG/Liters 0.19/0.72
Max boiler flow rate – USgpm 12
Min boiler flow rate – USgpm 2
Max operating pressure – Space Heating Coil – psig 43.5
Max operating pressure – Domestic Hot Water Coil – psig 150
Min water pressure – psig 8
Approved installation altitude – ASL 10,000 ft
Ambient temperature – Low (°F/°C) 32/0
Ambient temperature – High (°F/°C) 122/50
Max relative humidity (non-condensing) 90%
Min water temperature – Space Heating (°F/°C) 51/10
Max water temperature – Space Heating (°F/°C) 194/90
Min water temperature – Domestic Hot Water (°F/°C) 105/40
Max water temperature – Domestic Hot Water (°F/°C) 149/65
Min flow rate to activate DHW heating – USgpm 0.5
Max flow rate DHW heating – USgpm 7
Max equivalent vent length 2″ (each side) 65′
Max equivalent vent length 3″ (each side) 120′
Domestic hot water delivery: @70°F/ 39°C temp. rise 5.0 GPM

Schedule 40 PVC, CPVC or PPs (each side)
2” 65’
3” 120’
2″ or 3″ 90′ Long Sweep Vent Elbow Allow 5 equivalent feet
2″ or 3″ 90′ Short Sweep Vent Elbow Allow 8 equivalent feet
2″ or 3″ 45′ Vent Elbow Allow 3 equivalent feet
PPs 87-90′ Elbow Allow 8 equivalent feet
Flex PPS
3″ PPs Flex (Max. 35) actual feet times 1.4