Thermo 2000 ComboMax ULTRA Combi Boiler

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Meet the ComboMax ULTRA – a fusion of an electric boiler and an instantaneous water heater tailor-made for residential use. Coming in two sizes, this powerhouse offers performance capabilities ranging from 4.5 kW to 29 kW. This dynamic 2-in-1 solution is adept at efficiently heating expansive structures of up to 4750 sq.ft. while delivering on-demand domestic hot water in an astounding timeframe of under 7 seconds. Its low-maintenance nature is matched only by its remarkable energy efficiency, making it a true standout!

The ComboMax ULTRA’s space-saving design doesn’t compromise on quality water provision, and its remarkable lifespan ensures longevity in service. To further enhance its appeal, a generous 15-year warranty solidifies your investment.

Equipped with the T2 UltraSmartTM controller, this unit seamlessly combines accurate temperature management with optimal comfort, enhancing your experience. From performance to precision, the ComboMax ULTRA has it all, offering a comprehensive solution for your residential heating and water needs.