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Elevating Air Quality: DigelAir is Your Trusted Fantech Supplier

As a trusted supplier of premium ventilation solutions, DigelAir proudly partners with Fantech, a renowned name in the industry, to offer a range of cutting-edge products (such as energy recovery ventilators and ventilation controllers) designed to enhance indoor air quality.
Fantech’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and superior air management aligns perfectly with our mission to provide top-tier solutions for our customers.

Fantech Controls: Precision in Air Management

Fantech’s range of controls sets a new standard in air management technology. These state-of-the-art systems offer precise control over ventilation, ensuring optimal air exchange rates, humidity levels, and temperature settings.

With intuitive interfaces and advanced programming capabilities, Fantech controls empower users to fine-tune their indoor environments for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Fantech ATMO150E Fresh Air Appliance: A Breath of Fresh Air

The Fantech ATMO150E Fresh Air Appliance redefines ventilation by introducing a fresh, filtered air supply to your indoor environment. This innovative system efficiently exchanges stale indoor air with clean, outdoor air, promoting a healthier atmosphere.

With advanced heat recovery ventilators, the Fantech ATMO150E ensures minimal energy loss during the process, contributing to both a comfortable indoor climate and reduced energy consumption.

By incorporating Fantech’s cutting-edge products into our offerings, we empower our customers with advanced solutions that prioritize not only indoor air quality but also energy efficiency. Whether it’s through precise control systems or innovative fresh air appliances, Fantech’s technology ensures that every breath taken in your space is one of pure, clean air.

As dedicated Fantech suppliers, we are committed to providing access to these industry-leading products, ensuring that our customers enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art Fantech technology. With DigelAir and Fantech, superior indoor air quality is more attainable than ever before.

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