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M18™ Brushless 1” SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer

Our M18™ Brushless 1” SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer delivers Corded Power & More Productivity without the hassle of cords. Our cordless rotary hammer drills 3/8” x 2” holes faster than corded D-Handle rotary hammers. The Brushless motor delivers 1.95 ft-lbs of impact energy, 1,270 RPM, and 4,580 BPM. The in-line D-Handle design allows access in tight spaces and provides superior balance and ergonomics for downward drilling. Our AVS Anti-Vibration System minimizes vibration for maximum comfort. The lightweight design of this tool reduces user fatigue throughout the work day at 6.9 lbs when paired with the Milwaukee M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 Battery (not included). Our M18™ Brushless 1” SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer drills up to (100) 3/8”x 2” holes per charge when paired with the M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 battery (not included). For onboard OSHA Table 1 Compliance, pair with the M12™ HAMMERVAC™ Universal Dust Extractor (2509-22). This Milwaukee cordless D-Handle rotary hammer is a part of the M18™ System, which is fully compatible with over 250 solutions.

M12™ Brushless 2" Planer

Designed for the finish carpenter and remodeler, our M12™ Brushless 2” Planer provides the power to plane and scribe in soft and hardwoods in a compact design. The M12™ Brushless 2″ Planer has the power to remove up to 5/64ths in a single pass. The dual-sided shavings port allows users to direct shavings to either side of the tool, improving ease of use and productivity. This lightweight and compact planer uses a 2″ wide shoe, which is optimized for common applications such as scribing and planing doors. With 14,500 RPMs and 2 blades on the cutter head, the M12™ Brushless 2” Planer delivers a smooth surface finish. With 21 depth settings ranging from 0 to 5/64ths, users have the ability to make precise, accurate cuts. The lockable kickstand allows users to store the kickstand away to avoid interference with the workpiece. The shavings collection attachment and universal hose adapter allows users to attach a vacuum to reduce clean-up time and maintain a clean jobsite. Our battery-powered planer features an integrated battery fuel gauge and carries our industry-leading 5-year limited power tool warranty.

M18™ Brushless 4-1/2" / 5" Cut-Off Grinder, Paddle Switch

Our M18™ Brushless 4-1/2” / 5” Cut-Off Grinder delivers power and runtime while maintaining its compact size. The 11,000-rpm brushless motor was built and optimized specifically for cutting and surfacing applications. Paired with built-in REDLINK™ power tool technology and REDLITHIUM™ batteries, the Brushless Grinder provides efficient power delivery and longer battery life resulting in up to 80 cuts in ½” rebar. The Brushless Grinder’s body is 12.25″ long and only 4.6 lbs with the XC5.0 battery attached. Our Brushless Grinder includes an electronic clutch for kickback protection, as well as overload protection to maximize motor life. With a 5/8”-11 spindle and tool-free guard adjustments, you will experience faster adjustments and less downtime, while remaining fully compatible with the most common grinder accessories in the market. The compact and light build allows for excellent control and comfort. The Brushless Grinder is built to last with an all-metal gear case, getting the job done every time.

M18 FUEL™ 1/4" Lockbolt Tool w/ ONE-KEY™

Our M18 FUEL™ ¼” Lockbolt Tool w/ ONE-KEY™ is the fastest lockbolt tool in the market. It eliminates the need for hoses and compressors while delivering up to 2X the speed of application compared to other cordless lockbolt tools. This solution will install up to 1,200 1-1/4” Aluminum Magna Grip Lockbolts on a single charge of the M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0Ah battery (not included). The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers 4,500 lbs. (20kN) of pulling force to install Magna-Grip, C6L, C120L, Bobtail, Hucktainer Lockbolts (with Adapter) and 3/16″ through 9/32″ Blind Rivets (with purchase of M18 1/4″ Lockbolt to Blind Rivet Tool Conversion Kit), installing the widest range of riveting fasteners in the market. While lightweight, the Milwaukee Lockbolt Tool was designed to withstand harsh shop or assembly plant environments, manufactured with an all-metal gearcase, impact strength plastics, and protective over-mold. M18™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery Packs fit all M18™ tools, providing you with more work per charge and more work over the battery life. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence ensures maximum performance and protects the Lockbolt tool and battery against overloads, over-heating, and over-discharge. The MILWAUKEE® M18 FUEL™ ¼” Lockbolt Tool has ONE-KEY™ compatibility, allowing you to track and manage your tool.

M18 FUEL™ 1" SDS Plus Rotary Hammer w/ ONE-KEY™ Dust Extractor Kit

Our M18 FUEL™ 1″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer w/ ONE-KEY™ & HAMMERVAC™ Dedicated Dust Extractor Kit is the next generation of cordless rotary hammer drills, delivering ultimate jobsite performance. The M18 FUEL™ 1” SDS Plus Rotary Hammer is the fastest drilling rotary hammer in its class, includes AUTOSTOP™ Control for enhanced safety and drills up to (125) 3/8” x 2” holes per charge when paired with the M18™ HIGH OUTPUT™ XC6.0 Battery. The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers 2 ft-lbs of impact energy, 1,330 RPM and 4,800 BPM, providing speed and power in the most demanding applications. It has enhanced safety with the AUTOSTOP™ Kickback Control preventing over-rotation. The cordless rotary hammer is compatible with ONE-KEY™ to track the tool’s performance and location. Our M18 FUEL™ HAMMERVAC™ 1” Dedicated Dust Extractor is engineered to connect directly and powered by the M18 FUEL™ 1” SDS Plus Rotary Hammer. Utilizing the same replaceable certified HEPA filter as other HAMMERVACS™, which filters 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3µm, means more compatibility on the jobsite. The built-in adjustable depth stop and ruler offer easy and precise adjustments. The dust extractor allows full OSHA Table One Compliance when drilling up to 1” in diameter and 6” in depth. This extractor features AUTOPULSE™ Filter Cleaning Mechanism that automatically cleans the filter after each use. The dust box comes with a vacuum port to suction out dust with a large vacuum or dust extractor.