SALUS ZigBee Receiver


The SALUS ZigBee Receiver is an advanced system control receiver designed to communicate wirelessly with compatible SALUS Thermostats, ensuring optimal efficiency and comfort. Seamlessly integrated with the SALUS Smart Home app, the AX10RF System Receiver doubles as an external heater circuit, offering enhanced functionality. It can be paired with wireless relay controllers, valve actuators, or a combination of both, providing versatile compatibility.


  • Effortlessly control your system from anywhere using a Smartphone, Tablet, or PC via the SALUS Smart Home app
  • Wireless communication with compatible SALUS Thermostats enables quick and hassle-free installation
  • Functions as a boiler receiver or can be configured as an individual zone receiver, offering adaptability to various setups
  • Compatible with other SALUS Smart Home products, including underfloor heating and smart radiator controls, for fully integrated heating systems
  • Manual override function ensures convenient manual control when needed, adding flexibility to the system.