Mitsubishi Heat Pumps Ducted & Ductless

Ductless Heat Pump Solutions


Bring comfort and sophistication into your home like never before with Mitsubishi Electric’s MLZ-Series 1-Way Ceiling-Cassette. Its low profile allows it to fit seamlessly into any room enhancing its environment while providing comfort.


A discreet design with four air outlets and multiple airflow patterns, the SLZ offers greater air coverage and distribution while mounting flush to the ceiling. The SLZ comes standard with the 3D-iSee Sensor technology to distribute hot or cold air as required for optimal room comfort.


The MSZ wall mounted units feature compact dimensions that make them the ideal choice for offices, stores & residential use. Use multiple units in your space to combat those pesky hot or cold spots. They’re also among the quietest wall units in the industry, silently delivering a high level of comfort and energy efficiency all year round.


The MFZ floor standing units deliver stylish yet efficient heating and cooling. The sophisticated design features clean, sharp lines. It can be installed with a base or recessed into a wall for dramatically reduced depth (8 -15/32mm). Compact and unobtrusive, it’s the perfect heating and cooling solution for new and renovated spaces.

Ducted Heat Pump Solutions


A discrete model to provide home comfort, the SEZ unit can be built right into the ceiling with short-run ducts and the PEAD units can be built into new or existing ductwork to deliver comfort throughout the room.


The PVA and SVZ air handler is ideal for efficient heating and cooling in new and or pre-existing ducted applications such as bedrooms and smaller homes. The compact design blends seamlessly into tight spaces like an existing furnace room or closet, so you can achieve the comfort you need without compromising space.

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