Toyotomi TAD-T33 Portable Air Conditioner

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Save on electricity bills by reducing your consumption and efficiently cooling specific areas with the TAD-T33 portable air conditioner, even if you already have central air conditioning. This unit, with Japanese design and quality control, boasts an ASHRAE-128 standard of 11,500 BTU (Cool)/ 7,000 DOE-2017 standard BTU (Cool) for powerful cooling.

What sets the TAD-T33 apart is its double duct-intake hose and exhaust hose, providing 20% to 30% greater efficiency compared to single duct units. The tankless-humidity feature vents out through the exhaust hose. With its automatic and easy-to-program operation, including thermo control and a 24-hr on/off timer, you can conveniently set your desired comfort level.

The TAD-T33’s high-efficiency rotary compressor ensures it consumes less energy, contributing to energy savings. It comes with a window panel kit and two 4-ft. hoses, allowing easy mobility from one room to another.

Notably, TOYOTOMI’s true 11,500 BTU cooling capacity outshines other brands that claim similar numbers but fail to deliver as advertised. Consumers appreciate the reliable and powerful cooling performance of TOYOTOMI. As one of the pioneers in portable air conditioning, TOYOTOMI is renowned for its superior Japanese design and quality standards.

Rest assured, the TAD-T33 is backed by a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, making it a smart and dependable choice for efficient cooling needs.