SALUS Zigbee Battery Radiator Actuator


The SALUS ARV10RFM-3 Zigbee Battery Radiator Actuator revolutionizes radiator room heating, offering precise temperature control from anywhere. Replacing traditional wax element TRV actuators, it utilizes smart electrical mechanisms to regulate radiator valve openings and closings, synchronized with the AWRT10RF thermostat. The thermostat wirelessly manages operations, ensuring precise ambient room temperature monitoring for optimal heating accuracy. Furthermore, a single thermostat can govern multiple ARV10RFM-3s within the same room or zone, maintaining desired room temperatures and enhancing energy efficiency.


  • Room thermostat monitors temperature for superior accuracy, efficiency, and comfort, surpassing valve-based systems.
  • Remote control of individual radiators or zones via Smartphone, Tablet, or PC using the SALUS Smart Home app, offering unparalleled convenience.
  • Compatibility with other SALUS Smart Home products, including underfloor heating controls, enabling fully integrated heating systems.
  • Independent modulation to attain the correct temperature and uphold efficiency through three control modes: On/Off, Auto, or Learning.
  • Compatible with most standard radiator valves, including a supplied adapter for easy installation and versatility.
  • Simple and swift installation process ensures immediate functionality.
  • Manual override function provides additional control and flexibility when needed.