SALUS Wireless Radiant Thermostat


Introducing the SALUS AWRT10RF Wireless Radiant Thermostat, an efficient and user-friendly addition to your SALUS system. This thermostat is designed for seamless integration, offering straightforward programming and operation. Compatible with various SALUS components such as the ARV10RFM Radiator Valve Actuators, AKL Series Wiring Centers/Relay Controllers, or AX10RF Receivers, it empowers you with smart heating control wherever you are. Key features include:


  • Effortless wireless installation via Zigbee protocol
  • Clear and user-friendly LCD display
  • Flexible temperature scheduling options: daily, weekly, weekday/weekend, or manual
  • Battery-operated for hassle-free wireless setup
  • Remote access from smartphones, tablets, or PCs
  • Seamless integration with other SALUS devices for comprehensive smart home management
  • Complete local control for convenience
  • Optional remote sensor for enhanced positioning
  • Sleek and modern design to complement any space