SALUS Temperature Sensor


The SALUS SS909ZB Temperature Sensor seamlessly integrates wirelessly with the SALUS Smart Home automation system, delivering real-time temperature data to connected devices for enhanced control and comfort.


  • Conveniently monitor ambient temperatures remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Enable multiple thermostats to connect with a single Temperature Sensor, facilitating the management of multiple heating or cooling units, such as fan coils, within a designated area.
  • Its small and compact design offers versatile mounting options, allowing it to be easily affixed to a wall or placed on a surface using the included stand.
  • Provides accurate room temperature feedback to the SALUS Smart Home system and associated devices, ensuring precise climate control.
  • Override the internal sensor of thermostats to maintain a specified temperature in locations away from the thermostat, offering flexibility and customization.
  • Utilize multiple thermostats in conjunction with a single Temperature Sensor, enabling the coordination of multiple heating or cooling units for a unified climate management approach.
  • Set up customizable alerts to receive notifications when temperatures reach specified target values, empowering proactive temperature management and control.