SALUS Steam Valve Actuator


The SALUS Valve Actuator delivers precise control over steam-heated room temperatures from anywhere in the world.

By replacing traditional steam valve actuators with the SALUS Valve Actuator alongside a compatible thermostat, users gain:

  • Ambient room temperature-based valve control, enhancing comfort levels.
  • Remote control and monitoring capabilities for unparalleled convenience.
  • Single thermostat control for multiple valve actuators within a room or zone, ensuring uniformity.
  • Fine-tuned room temperature control, leading to improved energy efficiency.
  • Rule-based response to window or door opening and closing, optimizing energy consumption.


  • Room thermostat monitors temperature for optimal accuracy, efficiency, and comfort.
  • Control individual radiators or zones remotely via Smartphone, Tablet, or PC using the SALUS Smart Home app.
  • Seamless integration with other SALUS Smart Home products, enabling fully integrated home control systems.
  • Utilizes one of three control modes (On/Off, Auto, or Learning) to determine the ideal setting and uphold efficiency.
  • Compatible with most standard radiator valves, includes a supplied adapter for easy installation.
  • Quick and straightforward installation process suitable for most DIY users.
  • Manual override functionality provides additional control and flexibility as needed.