SALUS Relay Controller


The SALUS AKL08 Relay Controller offers seamless integration between thermostats and actuators, ensuring precise control for optimal comfort and efficiency in underfloor heating systems. Boasting volt-free connections for Pump and Boiler integration, a 120 VAC power input, 24 VAC outputs, and Night Set Back control, the AKL08 adapts effortlessly to various scenarios. The AKL08RF variant further enhances its capabilities with wireless thermostat communication, simplifying system installation, and supporting Heat/Cool changeover and dew point sensing.


  • Accommodates 8 zones with up to 4 actuators each, providing extensive control options
  • Volt-free connections facilitate pump and/or boiler integration, offering flexibility
  • Compatible with both NC or NO actuators, ensuring compatibility across systems
  • Night Set Back feature available in the wired thermostat model, optimizing energy usage
  • Features a robust contemporary design, blending functionality with aesthetics
  • Wireless thermostat support streamlines installation, reducing time and wiring costs
  • Integration with the SALUS Smart Home app enables seamless connectivity with other compatible SALUS devices, unlocking full Smart Home functionality.