SALUS miniSmartPlug


The SALUS miniSmartPlug may be small in size, but it packs a powerful punch, providing straightforward on/off power control of devices with a capacity of up to 15 A.


  • Compact design keeps the other outlet of a standard duplex receptacle unobstructed and allows for the use of a second miniSmartPlug.
  • Can control a wide variety of devices, thanks to its maximum load capacity of 15 A.
  • Compatible with home automation systems, enabling users to control devices remotely via smartphones, tablets, or PCs from anywhere.
  • Allows for monitoring and management of power consumption through the home automation system, promoting energy efficiency.
  • Extends the wireless network by repeating messages, ensuring reliable communication across the network.
  • Available in various colors for easy identification and organization.
  • Offers energy consumption measurement capabilities for enhanced monitoring and efficiency.
  • Acts as a protocol repeater to extend the wireless network, ensuring robust coverage throughout the home.